Authentically mexican

Located in Andersonville, Cantina 1910 merges the diverse cuisine of Mexico with the bounty of Midwestern farms and producers to innovate traditional Mexican dishes. Using a combination of classic and modern culinary techniques, presented in unique, unexpected ways Cantina 1910 gives guests an experience unlike any other. Cantina 1910 is focused on sourcing from, and supporting, a hyper-local group of farms, growers, producers and artisans.

In addition to offering Chicagoans the very best in modern Mexican cuisine, Cantina 1910 is committed to supporting all aspects of the city, from small businesses, to the vibrant local art community.


regionally sourced

Cantina 1910 partners with numerous for-profit and not-for-profit urban agriculture organizations in Chicago to grow a number of its produce items. Through indoor urban farms Cantina 1910 is able to receive fresh produce all year.

rooftop farm

Opening this fall, Cantina 1910’s 1,400 square foot rooftop farm will focus on prototyping ingredient varietals, allowing the culinary team to test rare seeds in Midwest conditions.


Located in the lower level of the restaurant, the preservation kitchen offers the culinary and cocktail teams the ability to extend the use of certain ingredients throughout the year. The Cantina 1910 culinary team pickles, smokes, ferments, vacuum packs, cures, cans and bottles ingredients, manipulating each ingredient’s flavor while still maintaining its nutritional value.